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Marlengo is situated on gently sloping terraced and, flanked on one side by the Merano valley basin, with its surrounding villages and castles, and on the other by towering mountains. Just above Marlengo the traffic free Vigiljoch mountain rises up, with an imposing forest and legendary lookout. Also the Marlengo path along the old irrigation channel is very beautiful and comfortable. 
Marlengo promises you stunningly beautiful views of the spa town of Merano. A comprehensive and variety-packed events program guarantees the best of entertainment to suit every taste. Whether you opt for the numerous interesting museums and exhibitions, the fascinating history and culture, a stroll around the old town, a trip to the spa or visiting Castel Trauttmansdorff, Merano is always well worth a trip!

App. Freiblick
Kirchweg 20
39020 Marling
Southtyrol - Italy


Tel. 0473 440 105
Astrid: 345 340 88 00